The Basement of Winestock Webdesign

Coming Soon

Somewhere… beneath the surface of an innocuous-looking web development studio, The Powers That Be™ have hidden away things which Man was not meant to know; objects which we were never meant to understand: mind-boggling technology, deadly creatures, proof of fiendish conspiracies. And more…

Do you dare to look upon them?

But seriously, these Men-in-Black-looking dudes showed up at work, one day, with a huge shipment of really weird-looking boxes. They had this no-nonsense air to them, like they assumed that I was expecting this. They went straight to the back room and hit a concealed switch that I'd never noticed before. A trap door opened up into an enormous basement (I don't remember that in the lease), they threw everything in there, and left.

Clearly, either somebody in charge shipped these boxes to the wrong address or I was never supposed to get a hold of this shop. So I'm doing what anyone would do in this situation: I'm cataloging the contents of these boxes and posting them on the Internet for teh lulz. Hopefully, nothing in here kills me or shatters my body or sanity. If that happens, morituri te salutant!